Thank you for starting the placement process. We are privileged to assist you!  

STEP 1 - Complete the registration form. The information you provide is strictly confidential.  

STEP 2 - Remit the $199 registration fee.  You may pay online through the website or call us at 412-212-8367.

STEP 3 - We will schedule an in-depth consultation.  The consultation can take place at our Squirrel Hill office, in your home, virtually, or via telephone, depending upon time constraints and your personal preference. We will begin to screen candidates, keeping your identifying information anonymous.

STEP 4 - During this consultation we will confirm more specific requirements for your family. We will discuss potential candidates, and recruit for your specific position if necessary.

STEP 5 - We will arrange a virtual Meet & Greet with the candidates you choose. 

STEP 6 - The next steps will depend on your requirements.  We will customize the process to suit your schedule and your needs.  

STEP 7 - You decide which candidate, or candidates, you would like to meet in person.  We can arrange for the meeting to  take place at our office, your home, or another location. 

STEP 8 - Once you have made a decision, and you both agree to the arrangement, we will customize an agreement for your family and the nanny.

STEP 9 - Remit the placement fee and enjoy life with your Perfect Match Nanny!