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Can we call for same day service?


4:30 pm

Yes. Same day service requests are possible.  Depending upon where your facility is located, a Temps For Tots child care educator can be there within a couple hours.  An additional fee and hourly rate applies for same day service.

What qualifications does a Temps For Tots Child Care Educator have?


10:00 am

Our child care educators have a diverse range of experience and education.  All educators have child care experience and have undergone our extensive screening process. We have assistant group supervisor, group supervisor  and director qualified educators.  When reporting to a child care facility, documentation will confirm the appropriate qualification level.

Can we hire a Temps For Tots Educator?


11:30 am

Yes. You will have the opportunity to assess the performance of the educator before making a hiring decision.  Most educators in our network are available for permanent placement.  

Does the Temps For Tots Educator have all the necessary paperwork?


11:30 am

Yes. All Temps For Tots Educators are in full compliance with Department of Human Services regulations. The paperwork can be sent to your facility ahead of time, or the educator will bring it with them when reporting to your center.  

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